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Smoke & Grill is a restaurant for every day and the main thing in it is the kitchen of live fire. The concept of the restaurant is the cuisine of the Wild West, based on barbecue dishes with an emphasis on smoking (ultimate firewood cooking).
We cook not only meat, but also fish, vegetables and seafood on the fire.

The chef of the restaurant, Nikita Gabyshev, tamed smoke and fire: he studied this art in Moscow with the only Texas barbecue expert in Russia, Alexei Kanevsky. After all, barbecue is not only food, smoking, open fire and the freshest products.
It is also philosophy, mood, hospitality and just a pleasant pastime with guests.

The flagship of the restaurant is the legendary brisket: juicy beef brisket, which is smoked in a smoker on birch wood at low temperatures for about 12 hours. Of the spices - only sea salt and crushed Indian pepper.
The presence of a pink smoke ring under the crust of the brisket is one of the signs of a real BBQ and the top chef's skill. The pinkish color in meat is due to a compound called myoglobin.

For the appearance of such a ring, it is necessary to cook using the Slow&Low technology, i.e. slowly and at low temperatures, and of course use good firewood. When wood is burned, gas (nitrogen dioxide) is released, which, in turn, dissolves on the moist surface of the meat, combining with myoglobin. The smoke lingers inside the pink, creating a smoke ring. Nitrogen gas permeates from the inside, so the pink ring is only created just below the surface of the meat

Smoker is the heart of our restaurant (located on the ground floor), it was personally designed by Alexey Kanevsky. Smoker weight 1.5 tons. It is made of food hot-rolled black steel. A pipe of the required diameter is rolled out of huge sheets of steel 6 mm thick and spherical ends are blown out of it, providing natural smoke convection inside the smoker. The smoker is not connected to either draft or electricity - both draft from the outside and convection inside occur naturally.

No coercion - the only way to achieve the perfect taste. The draft is regulated by dampers - on the furnace and on the outlet pipe. Our restaurant smoker is straight-through, three-section and three-tiered. The highest temperature in the section adjacent to the firebox is 125-130 degrees, the lowest is 70 degrees in the end section. The shutters of the smoker are deliberately not airtight: smoke seeps through the cracks - and by its quantity, color and smell you can judge what is happening in the smoker.

We are located in Blagoveshchensk on the Pionerskaya street, building 2, next to the Barashka restaurant. Smoke&Grill has a separate entrance from the embankment. You can also get to us directly from the Barashka restaurant by going to the second floor. Online ordering of dishes and delivery is carried out on the website of the Barashka restaurant. You can add any of the assortment of the Barashka restaurant to our dishes - everything will be included in one common delivery order. Also in the Barashka restaurant you can order dishes from our menu.

There is a bar with a large selection of drinks and cocktails on the ground floor of our restaurant, as well as a smoker.
A hall for guests is located on the second floor. And for guests with children, we are pleased to offer a children's room.
Since there is a limited number of seats in the hall for guests, we kindly ask you to book tables in advance.

We are waiting for you daily from 11.00 am to 11.00 pm. Come and enjoy the taste of real live fire cuisine!

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